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Rain Hat with brim (Water resistant hats)


This rain hat fashion line is called “Diva”! It has a medium size brim that measures 3 inches – 2- 5/8 in inches, and crown measures 9” in height. This colorful protective headwear is crushable, water repellent, fully lined and easy to travel; Trimmed with a flower and Rhine stones. Give yourself a boost on a stormy rainy day! We have some colors ready for purchase and made to order. Please call us with your order inquiry.

Adult ,  women


Materials: nylon and water resistant.


Hat size: 22” and 1/2” – 23”inches


Brand: Hat by Dawn Wilson


Available colors:


Item #A-Rain-H (Orange & yellow, Tie dyed)  NOTE: THIS COLOR SOLD OUT!

Item #B-Rain-H (Purplish blue)

Item#C-Rain-H (Teal green)

item#D-Rain-H (Teal blue

Item#E-Rain-H (Dark Kaki)


Diva, Rain Hat HBD, with brim (water resistant)

Available Colors

    Please note that our hats are made to order and aren't returnable.

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