Diva Rain Hat with brim (Water resistant hats)


Diva Rain Hat – designed to cover your hair either short or long during the rainy weather with a bouffant shaped crown, and band that measures 8” – 9” inches in height (includes the band). The hat brim measures 3” – 2” -5/8” inches in width; flower design details with rhinestones, chin strap, and fully lined.

Fundraiser product

Note: A percentage of sells will be donated to the Shelter Health Outreach Program Shop to support individuals experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia when you purchase a rain hat between April 20, 2021 thru May 2oth, 2021.

Materials: nylon and water resistant.

Hat size: 22” and 1/2” – 23”inches

Available colors & (Item numbers)

A-Rain-H (Orange & yellow, Tie dyed)  

B-Rain-H (Purplish blue)

C-Rain-H (Teal green)

D-Rain-H (Teal blue

E-Rain-H (Dark Kaki)


Diva Rain Hat HBD, with brim (water resistant)

Available Colors

    Please note that our hats are made to order and aren't returnable.