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Description: Hair Covering, Scrub or Sleep Cap  - These hair coverings can be worn for every day wear, for work or sleepwear. Makes a great Christmas gift. It's available in various prints and multi colors, very comfortable and adjustable. This style can be wrapped and tied around your head. The ties straps 1 "and ½” inches in width and 49 inches long with band. The bouffant shape crown will cover either short or long hair styles ; fully lined with polyester netting material.




Head size ranges: 22 inches - 23 inches


Brand: Hats by Dawn


Colors: Our hair coverings are available in multi color prints. Please select the fabric  type by choosing an item design number.


Item Design #1 - Fish Print, (all over print with fish in various shapes). Colors: This is a multi color print in aqua blue, yellow, pink, and green. Materials: cotton and polyester. Inventory: 3

Item Design#2- Geometric Daisy with Leaf, (geometric pattern of flowers and leaf shapes). Colors: This is a multi color print in fuchsia, pink, and white. Materials: cotton. Inventory: 3

Item Design#3 – Diamond & Floral Repeat, (rows of diamond floral pattern). Colors: navy, pea green and, white. Materials: polyester netting. Inventory: 3

Item Design#4 – Cupcakes, (cupcakes printed in a random repeat pattern, stripes and dots). Colors: in multi colors in print are, teal blue, red, yellow, green, fuchsia, brown, tangerine, white, and pink. Materials: cotton. Inventory: 1

Item Design #5 – Flowers & Paisley, (all over repeat of various flowers and leafs inside of paisley shapes). Colors: multi colors in print are, plum, teal blue, fuchsia, green, red, blue, pink, rust, golden yellow, and lavender. Materials: cotton. Inventory: 5

Item Design#6 – Triangles, (Printed with an all over repeat pattern of triangle shapes). Colors: multi colors in print are dark blue, red, white, and lime green. Materials: cotton. Inventory: 2


Hair Coverings,

  • Handwashable with mild detergent, and warm water.

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