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Description: Bowler Hat, (curled brim)


Styled for those fashionista’s who embrace a little tradition. Here’s our version of the English Bowler hat. This hat is made with a stiff but soft to touch finish, and 6 ½ “round crown, 2”curled brim, a four inch wide hat band, (woven rose pattern), Rhine stone with feather and edges trimmed with satin. Hat is fully line.


Hat size: 22 ½ inches – 23 inches


Colors: black, red, green, and gold

Materials: wool felt, natural feathers, woven ribbon

Brand: Hat by Dawn Wilson

Item number: HBDW, Bowler hat, (curled brim)

Inventory available: 1


Bowler Hat, (curled brim)

SKU: HBDW, Bowler hat, (curled brim)
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